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Welcome to Investing for Survival

Investing for Survival, based in Dallas, Texas, provides investment research and portfolio management services to individuals and small financial services  firms.   My objective is to provide help to those investors that want to take an active role in the investment process but need impartial assistance.  I  do this by supplying subscribers with:

  •  Four portfolios with differing portfolio management strategies.  These are portfolios in which I have my money and I provide real time investment decisions on each; that is, when I make any investment change, it is communicated immediately to subscribers via a Subscriber Alert.   I don't design a portfolio for you or tell you what to buy and sell; I tell what I own and what I am buying and selling.  Your investment decision is yours to make.  The portfolios’ holdings are backed by relevant statistical data as well as a research summary. 

  • A daily narrative discussing events and data that impact the Market.

My investment philosophy is to:

  • Create a growing stream of annual income by building portfolios made up of the stocks of high quality companies that raise their dividends on a consistent basis.


  • Emphasis on Valuation models in the investment process.  I utilize my proprietary Valuation Model to implement a pricing discipline that recommends buying stocks only when they are at or near their historic absolute and relative low valuation and selling stocks at or near their historic absolute and relative high valuation.

If you would like to subscribe to my investment research and portfolio management services, please click “Subscribe” at the top of the page.  Fees are $200 a year, payable quarterly and can be discontinued at any time.  Subscribers receive four portfolios with different management strategies, real time investment decisions, and Subscriber Alerts.  As a subscriber, you will also receive portfolio research summaries and daily reports on the Market.

Do not hesitate to contact me at 214.535.1573 or by email at info@investingforsurvival.com if you have any question regarding the investment process or more information on how I can help get you started with your personal financial growth.

Investment Process

The primary objective of our investment strategy is to create a portfolio that provides investors with a growing stream of income.




Price Discipline

Our discipline dictates that we always have one buy price and two sell prices---one as a Stop Loss if the price declines following a Buy decision and the other the stock price at which we take profits.